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February’s Mutt is another beautiful brindle boy, Oakley, KING of Snuggles! Oakley is such a silly boy with the happiest tail, which seems like it could wag forever. He looooooves cuddling his foster mom on the couch during nap time and likes to stick as close to his humans as possible. Can you say velcro dog?! This boy comes from Last Minute Dog Rescue, not far from me, and has been available and between fosters/the shelter for three years and counting.

Here’s what they have to say about this goofy boy:

Oakley is native to our very own Ontario, Canada and is being fostered in the Niagara Region through Last Minute Dog Rescue. He has been in and out of shelters and foster care for the past three years, without his forever home in sight. As with many other rescue dogs with a traumatic past, Oakley is working on managing his dog reactivity. He’s a very protective boy who loves his humans and doesn’t want them to get hurt like he has likely been in the past.

Oakley’s Foster Mama spoke on his behalf, saying that:

“Oakley is my snuggle buddy and it breaks my heart that he hasn’t yet found his forever home. Fostering Oakley has truly changed my heart towards owning a reactive dog. His reactive behavior is only a small part of him that requires training, just like you would need to do with any dog. Wearing a muzzle would be one of the tools we can use so Oakley and his doggy or human playmates can have fun but still stay safe.

Oakley is a 6 year old Boxer/Bulldog mix and weighs 64.6 lbs! His brindle coat and his soulful eyes make him oh, so handsome! He has been in shelters or in foster care since 2021, and with so many changes, this poor boy needs some good fortune coming his way! He is currently being fostered with another dog, with whom he gets along well. He displays no food aggression, is crate-trained, house trained, and trained in face licking!

Unfortunately Oakley has a badly healed broken leg and walks with a limp. We don’t know what may have caused this but we do know that he thinks men and people entering his home can be scary! He has made progress on his reactivity by working with a professional dog trainer, but consistency is key and progress has been slow and steady! In general he is a low-medium energy dog who tires out easily. After a 30 minute walk or some backyard play and zoomies, he is ready for a nap!

Overall, Oakley is an “absolute joy” to have in my home. This sweet boy deserves a family who will help him grow, love him, and cherish him so that he can become the best version of himself! And a muzzle will help him do just that. ❤️

Fingers crossed this boy doesn’t have to wait too much longer to find his forever home!!

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