Muzzle Options

We provide the option to customize your muzzle for what you need it most. For more serious bite-risks, consider the bite guard to reduce the flexibility of the muzzle. See the videos below for a demonstration on the difference between these two options. A treat hole can be added to any muzzle at no charge; however, in cases where scavenging is a risk, treats can still be administered without it too!

Custom Vinyl Muzzle

$95-$120 CAD ($75-$95 USD)

All Mia’s Muzzles are custom made to your dog’s specific measurements. Made out of 2mm thick crystal clear vinyl, they are lightweight and strong. These types of muzzles are great at protecting your dog from scavenging and nipping, and are still soft enough that an accidental muzzle punch is no problem. Personal customization requests are available.

Bite Guard

$12 CAD ($10 USD)

While the regular 2mm vinyl is bite-resistant, it is highly recommended that for determined or high-risk biters to also include the bite guard. This option includes a double layer of vinyl on the front of the muzzle, increasing the thickness to 4mm (thicker than your average bite-proof vinyl muzzle). This decreases the flexibility of the muzzle substantially to ensure effectiveness.

Treat Hole/Solid Front


Treat holes are handy for rewarding your dog while wearing the muzzle. Free of charge, the treat hole is a 1” diameter hole on the front of the muzzle for easy feeding. Simply check off the box on the order form if you’d like the treat hole added to your muzzle.

Alternatively, for dogs that are highly prone to scavenging, it is recommended that the solid front option be chosen to prevent anything from passing through the front holes to their mouth. This functions the same as if a stool guard was in place- an option found on some other muzzles to prevent scavenging.

Forehead Strap

$2.75 CAD ($2.00 USD)

A forehead strap can be handy to keep the muzzle from slipping forward. Typically more helpful for shorter-nosed dogs.


$10.50 CAD ($8.00 USD)

Biothane is a synthetic leather alternative that has become very popular in the pet trade due to its high durability, water resistance, odor resistance, and availability in many fun colours. It is lightweight, has a rubbery texture, and is extremely strong. For dogs getting daily use of their muzzles, or ones that are particularly adventurous and prone to water or dirt, biothane is very easy to clean and may be the better choice.

Carabiner Hole


All Mia’s Muzzles come with a carabiner hole located at the bottom of the muzzle by the neck. For additional stability, a carabiner (found at most dollar and hardware stores) can be fitted through the hole and attach to the collar.

Hardware Upgrade

$8.00 CAD ($6.00 USD)

*New* A higher quality hardware option that is less prone to rusting and comes in several different colour options!

Standard vs. Bite Guard

As it can be hard to visualize how a muzzle can not be bite-proof, here is a quick demonstration on the difference between the two.


The standard option will stop nipping and scavenging, but if enough force is applied the dog may still be able to bite through it. This is the same for any flexible-type muzzle.

Bite Guard

The bite guard option creates a double wall against the front end of the muzzle, removing virtually all of its ability to be bent inwards.