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Our first recipient of a donor muzzle for January is the handsome Carlton, aka Carl Wayne, aka “hunk o’ burning love” 😍 and is he ever!! This boy hails from PAWS Shelter of Central Texas and has been overlooked due to his dog reactivity. However, outside of that, he sounds like an absolute love bug! Here’s what his kennel manager has to say about him:

“I would say Carlton is probably the dog I would recommend first. He is the one I mentioned that is not well socialized with other dogs, and thus, feel he would really benefit from having/wearing a muzzle when out in public, rather that is for walks, trips to the vet. etc. He is a 6.5 year old American Staffy mix, and 87 pounds of hunk of, hunk of burning love as we like to say.

He is an incredibly handsome brindle boy who loves everyone and never meets a stranger. We originally pulled him from another local municipal shelter a little over two years ago, and I believe he had been at that shelter for quite some time as well.

Despite him being not dog friendly, I am still blown away that this sweet boy has not been adopted, and often wonder if it’s his large size, on top of needing to be the only dog in the home, that holds people back from adopting, because otherwise, he is literally perfect. He is calm and quiet in his kennel, and given how long he has been stuck within the shelter walls and constantly surrounded by triggers of other dogs, handles shelter life with ease. In fact. oftentimes you can find him upside down in his kennel, jowls just hanging, not a care in the world.

He has gone on to prove that he is also an excellent house guest, as every foster sings his praises upon his stay in their homes. He has also gone on to prove that he is an A+ soft toy tester, peanut butter spoon licker, and laundry assistant here at the shelter, as seen in some of these other photos!

Overall, a certified good boy and we would love nothing more than to see this boy in a home- permanently! Of course, as mentioned, his only downside being that he is not dog friendly and despite our best efforts to socialize him and work on this issue through training and attempted play groups, we have not been able to make any progress. He has shown improvement outside the shelter, with the ability to walk in close proximity to other dogs for longer durations with no issues. I suspect this is likely due to either a lack of socialization with other dogs at an early age, or maybe even some sort of previous traumatic event involving another dog(s), but we can never know for sure.”

This boy deserves the best life, and with a properly fit muzzle and the skills and training already under his belt to utilize it, let’s hope that this boy will charm his way into a permanent home soon!!

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