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March’s Mutt is a gorgeous senior boy hailing from @Mattie’s Place Rescue. This old man just needs a quiet place to enjoy his golden years and a warm place to snooze!

Coming from a very rough life where he was pulled from a backyard breeder, he was extremely neglected and arrived in bad shape over a year ago. He has since had proper medical treatment and deserves nothing more than to have a loving home of his own.

DaBoa was a victim of extreme neglect. At 9 years young, his life hasn’t been an easy one, and his body told his story.

A dull coat matted to skin lies heavy as the years of neglect and sadness are washed away in his first bath in a very long time. His small thin body, once cleaned, reveals multiple bite wounds, some old and healed, and others in various stages of healing.

One of his ears appears to have an old aural hematoma that likely was never treated and left to resolve on its own, leaving behind a deformed ear. His eyes show no light, and he is blinded by the advanced cherry eye in both of them.

DaBoa suffered through living in a backyard breeding home where the tiled floor was covered in feces and years of neglect. He likely had to fight for his meals, so it’s no wonder that when he ran away from that home that he blindly attacked and killed another small dog.

FAST FORWARD 4 MONTHS AT THE SHELTER: DaBoa has progressed into a boy who happily greets us with a tail wag in the morning. He loves to go and explore and can’t get enough of the outdoors and walkies! He has an independent nature but also enjoys quietly snoozing on the floor beside you while you work.

He spent a lot of time with the shelter team, when he was in the shelter system before joining Mattie’s Place, in the reception area where he just hangs out quietly, but will alert bark when new people enter the shelter and appears to be more comfortable with women.

DaBoa has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and had surgery to correct double cherry eyes. His vision is fine, now that he has had surgery.

DaBoa did live with puppies and large dogs and has met another dog at the shelter but DaBoa will not be adopted into a home with other dogs, or a home that has visiting dogs simply due to his tragic history when he was running loose with his original home. He will require a slow introduction to people and new situations with an experienced and patient handler.

Daboa is currently weighing in at 50 pounds. He’s a lazy old man, that loves to hang outside, so a fenced in backyard will be important for him. He’s an observer of life as it passes him by and he welcomes the soft summer breeze through his Chow Chow coat.

Daboa currently lives with our rescue trainer and her male partner. It was a bumpy start to the relationship with the male in the home, but he and Daboa seem to have found their relationship threshold which is amicable and nothing more. Daboa however is the snuggliest, sweetest boy with his female handler and trusts her completely and is at absolute ease.

He does not have any separation anxiety and his is now crate trained and comfortable in his crate. Not always a fan of entering his crate, and needs a treat to entice him in at times, but once in he’s fine.

Daboa’s perfect adopter would be physically fit and have solid dog experience. A house or apartment with a fenced in backyard (that isn’t shared with other dogs). A single female would be perfection, or 2 women in the home. A no pet home. An adopter that is diligent with muzzle use and an advocate for their dog. Someone that understands a Chow Chow’s life span is 10 – 14 years, so an adopter willing to make the absolute most of Daboa’s final years and give him a rest of his life that makes up for his life until rescue. Of course, no kids in the home or visiting.

Daboa is a really good dog, that with management is also quite an easy dog – providing the “rules of Daboa” are respected and followed.


Daboa is the perfect gentlemen. His house manners are fantastic. He stays off the furniture, never counter surf or steal anything, he has never had an accident and he’s so quiet!

We really enjoy the mix of laid back and playful. Although his play is short lived, he likes to have his zoomies once a day.

Daboas all time favourite past time is laying out on the deck watching out into the yard, most enjoyed on a sunny day.

Daboa is aggressive to dogs but it’s generally easy to walk. He doesn’t bark or lunge and it’s easy to manage. He often wears his muzzle just to be safe.

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