About Us

Several years ago, my husband and I adopted the most beautiful pointer mix, Armin. His history was completely unknown, and as it the case with many rescue dogs, he needed time to learn to trust. It took him several months to become comfortable with us and our home.

During that time we discovered his fear reactivity towards some strangers and dogs. To keep him and others safe we began investigating muzzle training. The only regret is not doing it sooner!

With our newfound freedom, Armin can now:

  • safely greet off-leash dogs
  • go on group dog walks
  • safely greet strangers in the house
  • be introduced to our young nieces and nephews
  • and, as a scavenger of poop/dead things/other unsavoury things, be protected from bad reactions to something ingested

Finding a muzzle to fit his narrow face was a challenge. After going through several different muzzles I decided to make my own, custom to his exact measurements for a perfect fit. The premise behind Mia’s Muzzles is this- I firmly believe all dog owners should be able to have the confidence that we now feel knowing that not only is your dog is being kept safe, but that they are comfortable as well.